Sound Installation (supporting Photographic Images)

Digital Image original:  3488 x 2616 (4.4Mb)​


ECHO transports language into a new understanding outside the stereotypical realm of the page and into everyday existence showing its full potential and impact.


It is an auditory account of language based on my earlier sculptural installation A PLAY ON WORDS and continues my work on language ideology.


It exists as a sound installation based on the original APOW script, which has been reconfigured into 4 separate texts to depict the rhythmic properties and auditory nature of language.


It is part of a wider dialogue around language, which comments on the historical and cultural control over language. Language traditionally accessed through the avenues of educational or religious establishments confined to their walls and often inaccessible to those outside the walls.


ECHO was recorded in four site-specific locations. Two of these locations were educational buildings and two were religious buildings mimicking the historical and culture background of language.


This page contains images from all four locations giving a visual record of where the audio was recorded.

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