'Silicone Drawings'

Sculptural Drawing Object


Themes: Fragility of language, physical representation of language.phy


The nature of language exhibits a sense of fragility, is extremely subjective and unless recorded exhibits an ephemeral property.


The text in the series A Play On Words in its physical form became a distortion of the original text once gravity was applied. 


The 'text' became its own drawing object mimicking the sense that language is ever changing, open to interpretation and heavily encoded. The interpretation only becoming open to others when the reader has within them the ‘key’ to decode.


Everyday conversations are excluders or includers of people.  We live in a society full of excluded conversations, whether it be jargon, Argot, Colloquialisms, Vernacular, Pidgin or slang. 


The work aims to bring a new dimension to how language is seen and the possibility that it doesn't have to be seen one dimensionally.



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