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'A Play On Words'

Silicone and Hooks

W: 3m x L: 6m x H: 4m

My practice has evolved through many materials and forms but continues to manifest itself as installation, photography or sculpture, sometimes a mixture of all three.

Currently, I have become intrigued by language and although language ideology is a relatively new dimension to the work, it is one I have investigated in this current work A Play On Words (2011).


This work is an interrogator of language, its power and authority and the impact it has on the individual to create barriers of class and gender.

It is a linguistic sparring between viewer and the work causing questions to be asked but leaving the response to personal interpretation.

My intention is to bring a sense of lived experience of language within a quiet subtle space.


This echoes a desire to make work that creates an intimate, reflective space leaving a residue of lived experience within the viewer long after they have departed.

Some of the images in this project were taken by Photography by Emma Jane.

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