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'A Play On Words - Taped'

Silicone, Hooks and Tape

Various Sizes

Themes: Language, power, political, social anthropology, private and public space, Institutional control on language, access to language, lanuage as an includer / excluder.


​​My work revolves around words and ideas.

Words can contain, separate and categorise us especially as women.

Words like beauty, femininity create a platform of acceptance or rejection surrounding us in our everyday existence.

I am interested in the power and authority of Language.
I am interested in how language is perceived.
I am interested in how language is received.
I am interested in how language is delivered.
I am interested in the gravity and impact of language.

The written word is a feast for the eyes.
The spoken word a feast for the ears.

This work a feast for the hands, bringing language into a lived experience by allowing the viewer to experience language through touch.

This works seeks to bring words into a new consideration and provide another way of looking at language, giving it a physical presence. I am interested in contradicting language's strength and potency in the realm of the page by creating an impotent, physicality to it, rending it benign.

The materialistic form of the work was easily distorted and manipulated through the gravitational pull of its hanging position which remarks of the potential for manipulation and distortion within language itself.


The taped colours of black, red and white are recognised in anthropological circles as common to most cultures and symbolism and whilst there is some debate regarding their meaning they are mainly known to represent death (black), life (red - blood) and purity (white).

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